How we work

We resell the product here, there are some equipment that we manufacture ourselves and there are some equipments which we purchase from somewhere and you bring them to you through us, we have been doing this work for the last 4 years. Earlier we were doing this work through another website and now we are also doing this on this website.The parts of the equipment we have are of very good quality, whatever parts we sell here. They are all genarek and company products.When you buy the product, we deliver it to you through private courier service. To manage the courier service, we have taken the portal of courier service named ShipRocket, they have more than 120 courier services. And with this help, we deliver all these products to you when you order them. And if you buy a product and want to return it, then you should read about those policies, on which conditions it will be withdrawn and you will get your money back here. We work here with all our responsibility. Because we want to make Goodwill